Uber Launches UK Flight Bookings

eVTOLS are in the News Again

Airports and new eVTOL (electric Vertical take-off and landing) companies have already created arrangements to provide transportation services at Chicago's O'Hare. with its air taxis. A (pronounced ee-vee-toll) is simply a helicopter that doesn't run on gas. The same equipment, if run on gas, would make this a helicopter.

Uber today launched its expanded booking app and announced it established a relationship with Hopper to provide booking for millions in the UK in various modes of conveyance, including trains.

We cover the details of new eVTOLs like those shown below, the major new players in this market, and current plans with airports and building routes in this article.

uber launches joining United Airlines and Archers O'Hare route to downtown eVTOL
Photo Credit: United

Uber has partnered with Hopper to introduce a flight ticket booking tool in the UK. The new feature allows Uber riders to book their next trip from airport to airport, including flights and ground transportation using an app.

Uber Launches Long-standing Plans to do this

Uber's partnership with Hopper gives UK customers access to exclusive fares on over 2 million flights every year, as well as exclusive rates for hotels and car rentals. This means you can get your entire trip planned out in one place, but not until the service is running. This is more a  press release.

Uber has expanded its travel offerings in the UK by partnering with Hopper to introduce a flight booking tool. This feature allows users to book flights and ground transportation in one place. Uber has already partnered with Eurostar, Thames Clippers, Omio, and National Rail to offer train, boat, and bus reservations all of which are also trackable in the Uber app.

Train reservations have proven to be popular, with a 40% increase in monthly bookings since launching in August 2020. Hopper allows users to find their desired flight by entering trip details and selecting seats. Uber will earn a commission from each sale and may add additional fees.

UBER launches eVTOL
Photo Courtesy: Uber


So far, the app release is a harbinger of things to come as Uber is posturing its readiness to begin offering air taxi services.

Personally, I believe Uber should move to make the move to Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) before the institutionally placed contracts to ferry passengers from airports to the metro areas become hindered by overjealous regulations. Safety should be the primary concern, as this is not world-changing tech, saving some carbon in the air is no reason to do this if, in the end, it doesn't save time and reduce expenses.

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