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DeepMind AI To Change Everything And Pass ChatGPT

positron emission tomography of human brain

For hundreds of years, humans happen to be trying to find methods to prolong existence, from mythical elixirs of growing old to modern research. Demis Hassabis and the team at Google’s DeepMind are actually focusing on what is the most important technological breakthrough ever. Durability scientific studies are presently receiving vast amounts of dollars in funding, with the expectation that humans can live forever and revel in their wealth indefinitely. However, some fear the human population is collapsing for this reason pursuit. DeepMind’s quest for simulating an online human cell is really a game-changer that may change everything. Sign up for my tales here if you like the information.

Open Source AI Could Outcompete Google and OpenAI

A leaked internal document by Luke Sernau, a senior software engineer at Google, written on April 2023, has argued that open source AI will overtake Google and OpenAI. The document claims that the internet search giant is losing its competitive advantage due to its reliance on proprietary technology. Sernau’s critique suggests that open source AI is likely to become the dominant force in the industry, as it is more accessible and cost-effective than proprietary technology. He believes that Google should embrace open source AI in order to remain competitive in the future.

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