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Decentralized AI Firm Secures $20M in Seed Funding

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Decentralized AI Together, a startup focused on developing AI-driven solutions for the decentralized web, has secured $20M in seed funding. The funding will be used to expand the team and accelerate the development of their products, which are designed to help users take control of their data and privacy. The company is also looking to build a platform that will enable developers to create and deploy decentralized applications.

Evaluating Proprietary and Open Source AI For the Future

Evaluating Open versus Closed AI Downloads and Google's Unsettling Demo

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The dominance of massive Tech’s grip on AI has been threatened through the open-source AI boom, that is built on their own handouts. The boom is precarious, and when Big Tech decides to seal up shop, a boomtown turn into a backwater. Google I/O, their annual conference, was about AI, which makes it obvious that AI is the core product. Bacteriophages, microscopic infections that infect bacteria and using them as factories to create much more of themselves, could usher inside a fascinating new approach to fighting infection because the deadly threat of antimicrobial resistance looms large.

Twitter includes a new Chief executive officer, Linda Yaccarino, along with a new underwater internet cable is incorporated in the activly works to lessen reliance upon lines in Russia. A YouTuber continues to be charged with deliberately crashing an airplane for views, and chiplets may help to kickstart the US’ chipmaking ambitions. Crypto’s true believers continue to be maintaining your belief, and climate lawsuits are seriously dangerous. Encrypted phones are a crucial part of criminals’ arsenal, and Venezuela’s victims of crime are trying to find justice on social networking. The greatest cosmic explosion seen is going on at this time, and also the weird realm of Uber’s lost rentals are explored.

Tracy Chou, an engineer at Pinterest and founding father of Block Party, discusses Plastic Valley’s diversity issues and what must be done to create alternation in the tech sector. Within our “We can continue to have nice things” section, we stock mesmerizing wood markings, a brief history of air travel food, a helpful robot, how you can retain optimism, along with a indication to look at the initial Wicker Man.

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