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AMD and Microsoft Collaboration to Challenge Nvidia GPU Dominance

black and white computer tower amd ryzen

Can AMD and Microsoft Topple Nvidia’s AI Current Market Dominance? In a bid to disrupt Nvidia’s stronghold on the AI market, tech giants AMD and Microsoft have joined forces to develop new processors and improve the AI capabilities of their respective products. This strategic partnership aims to offer an alternative to Nvidia’s dominance in the(…)

Evolving AI: Meta Research May Make Captchas a Memory

Evolving AI Research: Meta Releases Multimodal ImageBind Model as Open-Source

Meta Platforms Corporation. makes the code for ImageBind open to the general public. This artificial intelligence model can process six various kinds of data and outperforms traditional models that concentrate on only one sort of data. Meta believes that ImageBind can lead to the introduction of new AI applications. The discharge of the multimodal model is anticipated to succeed AI research.

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