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Google Pixel Fold May Outsell Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4

Pixel Fold by Google: The Foldable Phone That May One-up Samsung

The foldable phone market continues to be covered with Samsung, but the possible lack of competition could hinder the way forward for this type factor. However, the appearance of Google’s Pixel Fold could change that. This phone may be the first foldable device on the planet to operate enhanced Android software as they are, and it’ll receive software updates before Samsung’s foldable phones and then any other folding devices. Using its less expensive cost and preorder bundles, the Pixel Fold has turned into a top contender within the foldable phone market. In other news, today’s top deals incorporate a $16 clip-on lens package for smartphones, a 7-inch Android tablet for less than $43, a 6-port USB rapid charger on Amazon . com for 61% off, along with a Canon black and white-colored multifunction laser printer on Amazon . com for 75% off.

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