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Using Phone Bots to Torture Telemarketers

phone bots for saving time

Telemarketing sales calls, spam, and outright scam have become an incessant nuisance for many individuals. These unwanted calls disrupt our daily lives and consume valuable time. However, a new trend has emerged as a response to this annoyance – hiring phone bots to turn the tables on telemarketers. This article delves into the rising popularity(…)

FCC to Take Fresh Look at ISP Broadband Data Caps

photo of server arrays looking at data caps FCC

The FCC Wants Your Feedback About Broadband Data Caps The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) aims to gain a deeper understanding of why internet service providers (ISPs) continue to impose data caps on consumer usage, despite their demonstrated technical capability to offer unlimited data plans. In a press release, the FCC announced that it wants to(…)

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